“STARGATE FOOTBALL EVENTS”specializes in the organization and promotion of FOOTBALL events , offering  several football  facilities for  clubs and National teams. Our long experience in the  international football, guarantees our best  services.We are specialists in Organizing

Pre season and mid season training.

We can provide the perfect overseas trip and arrange your club’s training break across Southern Europe in an ideal Winter or Summer climate on special prices at any sports training camp.
Friendly matches and tournaments.
Over 100 friendy games  are in our companies records, for professional football clubs from many different countries
We have organized youth training camps in Greece
Consultancy for organizing football clubs and football academies.
Football consulting for clubs in professional leagues such as Chania Fc, Glyfada fc, Pao Rouf , and  semi professionals such as Asteras Halepas (GR)
So far we have organized and perform the above activities in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Spain &  Turkey.

Stargate ’s team is ready to give you the best assist for your goals.

Our long experience in international football, guarantees services of consultancy for organizing academies and also first-class tournaments.Associating exclusively with football-tournaments organizing international organizations, we want to give the opportunity to boys and girls, old and young, to compete in conditions of fair play and high football level. At the same time children have the unique opportunity to learn manners and customs of areas of the world while having fun and making new friends from different cultures, but in the same spirit and values that football offers.The tournaments we offer are organized in cooperation with the biggest local clubs.Accommodation is provided in carefully selected hotels from us, and always offers good service and an excellent price / quality ratio to ensure a comfortable stay.Sport venues wherethe tournaments are conducted have pitches with natural grass or very high quality synthetic carpet. Our staff and associates can provide high standard hospitality services (accommodation, food, transfers, excursions and parallel events).Trust STARGATE FOOTBALL EVENTS





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